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Custom-cast orthoses

Orthoses are used to:
  • Stem arthritic processes;
  • Reinstate available function; 
  • Decrease/eliminate pathological stressors on foot/ankle tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue structures; 
  • Spread plantar load;
  • Measurably influences lower leg muscle firing toward a normal pattern;
  • They also have a flow on effect through lower limb, pelvis and lumbar position/ alignment; 
  • Custom additions are made to address other individual findings such as leg length, bony prominences, major plantar loading issues/ulceration as required.
Cast orthoses refers to a three stage process:
  • Capturing a foot in its corrected position;
  • Preparing the positive foot cast as to form the orthotic shell;
  • Heat, forming the orthotic shell, stabilising and finishing the device ready for fitting. This ensures that the best products are used for comfort, longevity and corrective effect.
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