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Our clinics in Laurieton were established in 2005 by Peter.

In preparation for his retirement, Peter's son Shanan relocated to the Mid-North coast with his family in 2015 to continue on with their family business.  Collectively, they have been providing Podiatric services to the Camden Haven locale and surrounding Mid-North coast, for over two decades.

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Completing Bachelor degrees in Podiatry and Nursing, Shanan identifies as third generation health practitioner with a focus on treating ailments of the foot, ankle and associated lower limb structures. 

He has been practicing in various healthcare settings since 2004 and currently runs clinics on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Shanan practices Podiatry with an individual focus and approach to the preservation and optimisation of function. The aim is to achieve greater 'quality' of ambulant life relative to the impairment. 

Shanan enjoys conservative and interventional aspects of Podiatry.

Custom casted functional foot orthoses and footwear advice/prescription is integral to his approach. The hope is to support and encourage a future of independent pain free mobility.

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